Wooden flutes in the style of Native American flutes

beautiful look & haunting sound...

Wooden flutes handmade in Raleigh, North Carolina

Beautiful looking and sounding wooden flutes, in the style of Native American flutes, hand crafted from carefully-chosen solid blocks of wood with character. Play your own with haunting sound and graceful beauty.

The maker of these flutes is not a member of a federally recognized Native American tribe. The flute maker designs his own flutes and selects various woods for crafting his flutes. As such, these flutes are not "Native American Made" and we do not claim such. These wooden flutes are described as a musical instrument in the style of a Native American flute.

Video demonstration

See flute samples and hear the hauntingly beautiful sound of a cedar flute...

What's included

  • flute includes "fetish" and leather strap to hold it to the flute
  • 35-page booklet with history, how the flute works, sheet music (tablature notation) and more...

Flute pricing & shipping

Flutes start at $120. Different woods, the amount of embellishment, the key and size can influence the final price. Shipping is additional to flute pricing.

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See more information about flutes at our full site, CarolinaWoodenFlutes.com and purchase flutes from the store there.

Click to enlarge the examples of available flutes below

Flutes pictured below range in length from 18" to 21". Many more types of wood, design, fetishes and sizes are available. Pictured below are examples of the types of flutes available.

ID# Click to Enlarge Wood(s) and Decoration Key Price
2 Eastern Red Cedar A $140
3 Eastern Red Cedar G $160
4 Eastern Red Cedar F# $170
5 Highly Figured Walnut from Oregon G $250
6 Curly Maple with Walnut Ends and Turquoise Sold $280
7 Curly Redwood with Maple and Walnut Ends Sold $280
8 Hawaiian Koa with Mother Pearl Bands G $320
9 Hawaiian Koa, Oregon Walnut with mother-of-pearl inlay bands.

Fetish of mustang made from maple.

Sold $350
10 Birdseye maple, purpleheart and African blackwood.

Fetish of African blackwood with Brekian Jasper.

Sold $375
11 Buckeye Burl and Chechen wood.

Fetish of African blackwood with a split ammonite fossil.

Sold $620
12 Burl Redwood, Spalted Maple, African Blackwood.

Fetish of Cholla branch and Marra Mamba Tigereye rock.

Sold $620
13 Amboyna Burl, African Blackwood.

Fetish of African blackwood with Picasso marble.

Sold $680
14 Spalted Maple, Oregon Walnut.

Fetish of African blackwood with chrysocolla mineral.

Sold $690